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Can any greeting card be sent anonymously?

Yes, you’re welcome! Let them eat cake!

Who should I send an anonymous greeting card to?
If you’re wondering about this, then you should send one to yourself… but, below are a few suggestions.

  • The person you love... or not.
  • Your Boss
  • Your Frenemy
  • Your Friend with Benefits
  • Your Best Friend
  • Donald Trump and Politicians
  • Your Ex Boyfriend/Girlfriend
  • Your Ex Husband/Wife
  • Your Asshole/Bitch Neighbor
  • Your Shitty Roomate or Landlord
  • To EVERYONE except your Mom!
Can I customize the message?

Yes, that’s the whole point!

Will my name show on the card or packing slip.
Seriously? Of course not, all your information remains ANONYMOUS. Our address is always shown as the sender. Sincerely, Not provides a 100% anonymous service. Sincerely, Not will never divulge order information to anyone unless legally ordered to do so by a court order. Also, pricing is never included in the packing slip.

I’m not sure of the correct address of the person I'm sending an anonymous card to?
Sorry babe, that’s your problem not ours. We do need the correct address. Otherwise, your card will not be delivered by USPS, and it will be returned to us.

How long does shipping take?
All of our cards are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Your anonymous greeting card should be delivered in 3-5 business days (U.S. orders only). Please allow 10-15 business days for international orders.

Can I stop a greeting card from being delivered after it has been shipped?
NO! We don’t have super powers, and cannot and will not ask USPS to track and stop delivery for any greeting cards. No exceptions!

How do I know if the greeting card has been delivered?
You will receive an automated notification with the tracking number. You can track your order via USPS’s website.

Can I send to Mexico, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia?
Of course you can! It will cost you extra but, yes.

Are your cards certified organic, recyclable and gluten free?
Girl, Bye!


-Recipient and purchaser must be 18 years of age or older. No exceptions!

- Messages that contain or address any illegal subject matter, bullying or harassment will be omitted and the card will be sent blank. Sincerely, Not reserves the right to omit any anonymous message at our discretion without offering a refund or reason. Subjects include but are not limited to; any referencing of threats of violence, kidnappings, stalking, drug deals, terrorist acts or any other illegal activity. Graphic sexual descriptions including any mention of rape. Now that we got that out of the way, everything else is game!

- All anonymous messages will be hand written EXACTLY as submitted. Sincerely, Not is not responsible for misspelled words submitted by purchaser or incorrect recipient addresses. Sincerely, Not WILL NOT attempt a second delivery if a card is returned as undeliverable. Undeliverable cards will be discarded and no refund will be provided.

- Sincerely, Not offers a 0% anonymous greeting cards satisfaction guarantee. NO REFUNDS whatsoever on anonymous greeting cards. Upon placing an order you forfeit your right to charge back or dispute the cost of said order at any time or for any reason whatsoever. This includes the fees for: greeting cards ($4.99ea), postage ($1.99ea), handwritten messages (.99¢) as well as PayPal or credit card processing fees.

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